ZBM Special Gallery 8

ZBM Special Gallery 8

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First, thanks to all of you who support our modest efforts, and in particular those of you who help us keep Byron and ZenbayMono on our staff. You may be one who always buys whatever new comes out from one - or both of these great talents, and that means a lot to us, because they are good people who work hard and aim to please.

But of course, money is tight and maybe you can't always get what you want, or maybe you just prefer things that are a bit less explicit. So for you guys, we create special galleries; collected art that addresses certain themes. In this case, the theme is girls wrestling; no sex, no genitals, no nudity. Yup, this is another "Got it Covered" collection, featuring a whopping 36 images of our sexy gals in battle - and fully clothed!

No mixing and matching either, these are 36 images each different from the other, so you're getting as much pure value for your money as we can provide. And since ALL these images have appeared in other galleries, we can offer them at a lower price too.

So again, thanks for your support, and we hope you enjoy the hard work of ZenbayMono Studios, who techiniques allow us to bring you such variety in his work.

And REMEMBER, if you buy most of our ZBM Galleries, you've ALREADY seen these images!

36 Images
1024 x 768 Pixels
Delivered in 12 MB Zipped File

Also available at RingAngels.com

and our LULU STORE

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