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Extra Panels

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As the lady says, it's NOT over yet! Recently BYRON reviewed some of his previous comics and decided they could benefit from a few more panels. These panels have been added to their online comics, along with a very modest price increase.

Those comics and new panels are:

• Steel Kittens # 1: 2 panels
• Steel Kittens # 2: 2 panels
• Interview Foxy Boxer: 1 panel
• Knockout Nanny: 3 panels
• Mexican Maulers: 2 panels
• Sexy Bruisers: 1 panel
• Societe Sans Regale: 4 panels

So whether you're a regular fan wanting a complete BGBG collection, or if you're just looking for a great sampling of BGBG 'toons, these 15 panels are a great treat for any fan of BGBG!

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