Basement Brawl

Basement Brawl

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Zoe and Cyndi are going to have a wrestling match. But it seems they both showed up in their school girl outfits! That's going to make for a rought fight - girls do NOT like wearing the same clothes as another!

Buxom Sarah, in a near-dominatrix outfit, is delighted to be the ref - she loves a good chick fight; especially a ONE-SIDED chick fight! Then Mia shows up, and she turns the fight against Sarah!

"Basement Brawl" is a fitting title for this one! Erotic but non-nude.

Twenty-five JPEG Images
1024 x 768 Pixels
Delivered in 8 MB zipped file

Beautiful illustrations by ZenbayMono Studio

Also available in PDF format with immediate access in our LULU STORE

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