Daddy's Girls (Color JPEGS)

Daddy's Girls (Color JPEGS)

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Several years ago, Rey Andrada did the 3 page black and white comic "Daddy's Girls" for us, an erotic ring encounter. Recently we showed the work to Miguel and asked him to render a color version of it, staying as faithful as possible to Rey's original work. We are very pleased with the results, and offer BOTH the original black and white PDF and JPEG panels for one low price.

Nicci vs Greta

Sergi and Karl are European wrestling stars, each with a daughter born only days apart. These seductive young daddy's girls, Nicci and Greta,  have just turned 18, and to celebrate their new adult status, they put on a wrestling show for their dads. Not just ANY wrestling show, but an erotically charged bout where the girls are free to apply stimulation to a trapped opponent!

The dads won't stay completely out of the mix, too aroused by the sight of their little sex kittens at play with each other!

Not so much a contiguous battle as it is a variety of erotic images of the gals showing off for Dad.

12 color panels with 15 images, AND 20 close-up panels, art by Miguel.
Includes Rey's original story

Click HERE for our PDF version

Get the screen-resolution PDF file at our LULU STORE (does NOT include Rey's original story)


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